Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Creed reunion - who asked for this?

Creed is just such an easy target. No other band in recent memory has been the target of more barbs, ridicule and flat-out hatred than this group from Florida. Well, maybe Nickelback. I've never liked Creed's music, despite the fact it's right up my alley - loud guitars, a commercial sound. What does me in more than the tunes is the main source of the flack they attract - the grating overearnestness, mostly emanating from frontman Scott Stapp, he of the recurring Christ-like poses from the band's live shows and awful, awful videos.
They disintegrated in 2004, following the usual strife that breaks up bands. The band even inflamed their fans to the point where a class action lawsuit was filed after a concert in 2002 where Stapp was noticeably drunk onstage. As if Stapp needed another reason for people to dislike him.
Anyway, they've regrouped and have a new album out later this month. And to answer the question of "who asked for this?", well, sales figures show they've sold 35 million copies of their three studio albums and a greatest hits release. In the States alone they've sold 26 million albums. Those are some crazy numbers.
At least based on the above hilarious recent promo photo, their cheese factor apparently remains intact.