Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pink's amazing high-flying performance...

Pink's music never impressed me until I checked out her Funhouse album from 2008 and was won over (although her earlier material still hasn't grown on me). One thing I have always respected about her are her live performances, where she tends to push boundaries and come up with interesting ways to showcase her music, like the memorable spectacle she put on playing "So What" at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards (unavailable on YouTube) and a beautiful, acrobatic performance of "Glitter In The Air" at the Grammy Awards earlier this year (check it out here).
She manages to keep topping herself, as evidenced by the clip below of "So What" from her set at last month's Isle Of Wight Festival. Even if you think her music sucks, you still have to give it up to her for being a damn good entertainer...and singing in key while spinning around 60 feet above the audience on moving wires. For the last 15 or so years now, one of the big spectacles at a KISS show has been Paul Stanley travelling on a wire just above the audience's heads to a smaller stage at the back of the arena. This just makes him look like a total pussy in comparison.


  1. Wow -- that is impressive!! Maybe you jinxed her though, what with her injury performing earlier this week.


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