Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Springsteen single plays it safe...

Bruce Springsteen's newest single is called "We Take Care Of Our Own" and just hit the internet a few hours ago. It's a solid, if safe, choice as the lead track for his latest album with the E Street Band (and apparently a number of outside musicians) titled Wrecking Ball, which comes out March 6th. The tail end of the song appears to have some sax in it, although it's pretty buried in the mix. This brings up the obvious question of whether it's the work of late E Street Band member Clarence Clemons. It should be interesting to hear and see how Clemons' huge absence (literally and figuratively) will affect the sound and performance of the band, both on the album and on their upcoming tour.
A recent article on the Hollywood Reporter's website mentioned Wrecking Ball was Springsteen's "angriest" album yet. "We Take Care Of Our Own" doesn't really point to that, but it's only one track. has some interesting comments from longtime Springsteen manager Jon Landau about the album.
Judge for yourself below. This isn't the official video, just still pics and lyrics:


  1. I like the song. The tone is a little bitter but he doesn't sound "angry" on this track.

    There is a newer video on Springsteen's site with lyrics (also a YouTube video).


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