Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hot Docs 2012...

The 19th edition of Toronto's Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival is just around the corner, following a 2011 fest that drew a record attendance of 151,000. North America's largest documentary film festival will see 189 titles (out of 2,085 submissions) from 51 countries screen over 11 days. Once again, I'll be posting reviews both here and at Toronto Screen Shots. Here's what I have on my schedule:
The Invisible War - Examines the under-reported story on the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military.
Beware Of Mr. Baker - A biography of influential and wild-living Cream drummer Ginger Baker.
GLOW: The Story Of The Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling - Looks at the characters (then and now) from the cult 80's wrestling TV show.
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet - A biography on the rock musician who, shortly after landing the opportunity of a lifetime as David Lee Roth's lead guitarist, found his career cut short by ALS.
Despite The Gods - Follows the turbulent film-making experience of director Jennifer Lynch (daughter of David Lynch) as she tries to resurrect her career.
An Affair Of The Heart - Partly a bio on 80's pop-rock star Rick Springfield, while also looking into the undying loyalty of his fans.
The Queen Of Versailles - Jackie is a former beauty pageant winner with eight kids, a socialite lifestyle, and a marriage to a timeshare mogul. She's also having the largest single-family home in America built, modeled on the Palace of Versailles and containing 30 bathrooms...plus one skating rink. Then the '08 financial crisis hits...
Detropia - Looks at the decline of Detroit.
Marley - The much-anticipated authorized biography of Bob Marley.