Friday, June 15, 2012

"Plastic Kenny" is one popular dude...

When I went to check the blog's traffic numbers on Monday, I was stunned when I saw the number of page views had absolutely skyrocketed. Normally, Mediaboy Musings gets anywhere from 70-200 page views a day and by early Monday evening there had been well over 1,300. Data showing what the source of my blog traffic is has taught me that the majority of traffic comes from people looking for images through search engines. I'd like to think everyone getting directed here while looking for an image is also staying to read the words related with that image, but I'm not that naive.
The target of all those page views was a post from a couple of years ago titled "Plastic Kenny Rogers", which showed the singer's unnatural-looking face after one too many plastic surgeries. For some reason, when you type "Kenny Rogers plastic surgery" into the Bing search engine, the picture included in my post now comes up as the fourth or fifth image in the search results.
I've always gotten a laugh out of the fact the "Plastic Kenny" post was one of the most viewed posts out of the 230 or so I've put up on the blog. The most viewed post all-time (until Monday) had been my review of Canadian singer Lights' The Listening album, with around 1,200 page views, which always surprised me as well. The Gambler has now soared well past that, sitting at around 3,600 page views after approximately 2,500 views this week so far. Weird.