Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Filter - The Sun Comes Out Tonight [album review]

Released in June

Those that dismiss Filter as a two-hit wonder from the 90s clearly haven't done their homework. Six studio albums in now, the band that's never garnered much respect from music critics continues to produce high quality work that, unfortunately, has also consistently fallen under the radar of most rock fans since the group's more commercially viable days disappeared in the rearview mirror. Granted, there's a distinct familiarity to many of the songs on their latest LP, The Sun Comes Out Tonight; in particular, the formula for those two hits is reapplied on "What Do You Say" (a bass-heavy crusher that unabashedly echoes "Hey Man, Nice Shot"), and the poppy "Surprise" and "First You Break It" (direct descendants of "Take A Picture"). These retreads won't earn Filter any points for groundbreaking artistry, but the end results certainly don't disappoint, either. Lead singer/guitarist/frontman Richard Patrick's pissed off disposition remains intact on other standout aggressive tracks like "We Hate It When You Get What You Want", "This Finger's For You", "Self Inflicted", and "Take That Knife Out Of My Back", while stronger melodies dominate the excellent and still-heavy "Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight" and "It's Got To Be Right Now". Patrick's more sensitive side, occasionally evident on Filter's poppier numbers, is really laid out on the stark piano ballad "It's My Time", a haunting piece of work that provides a welcome new wrinkle to Filter's largely recycled sound.

Rating: B+


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